Building a Portfolio..

I know it sounds kinda bland, but if you want to see real growth in your investments, you have to build a good portfolio that grows your money and protects it from unnecessary risk at the same time. In my opinion, you can’t just build an all stock portfolio, sit back, and wait for it to bring in good interest on your principal. First of all, building an all stock portfolio is NEVER a good idea. If you want an high risk portfolio(collection of investment vehicles) then go for it. Just don’t be too surprised if your portfolio is bouncing around like a rubber ball in a padded room. From what i have experinced, if you want a successful portfolio you have to ask yourself these questions:

1. What am i investing for?

2. What is the time horizon for my goal?

3. How much risk am i willing to take on?

4. How much trading am i going to do? (Implement a buy and hold strategy, or trade in/out of funds when there are gains)?

5.Is the risk worth the growth of my capital?

Once you ask yourself these questions you can can successfully build a portfolio, that is tailored to your situation, and one that most likely will help you achieve what ever goal you set forth.


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