The market as it stands now(Yes i am back!)

I am finally back after a long hiatus. For a little background info, i am finishing my last semester in school and i am absolutely thrilled it will be over once and for all. Now that i have that out of the way, lets take a look at how the markets are performing.

Up, down, down, up (oops, its down again), down, down… you get the idea.

The best advice from a personal perspective i can give any investor is to possibly consider temporarily switching to high yield corporate bond funds, and good old fashioned money market accounts. Money market accounts? Say what? Yeah i said it. I know that a mattress could possibly earn you more interest but its safe and liquid, and combining them with high yield bond funds that are doing really good could SOMEWHAT limit the up and down effect of the market.

I know the conventional school of thought is to stay with equities, even through the up and down bounce its doing, but i think it would be better to be somewhat balanced in putting money into high yield bond funds(the money you want to invest), then slowly dollar cost average your way back into equities as the market goes through its bi-polar faze. That’s what i am thinking about doing…

And yes.. I am back… No worries 🙂

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